Dell 1525 Snow Leopard (10A432) 10.6 Retail (Single USB Method)

Posted on: October 3, 2009


It has been long time i’m not update my blog. Today i’m going to write guide how to install retail Snow Leopard copy to Dell 1525 using usb  either external hard drive or flash drive .. for DVD installation it can be found at macyourpc.  Thanks to macyour pc for the helful guide, but i’m prefer to install using usb method more faster and easier to inject anything that i want to.  Boot 132 also no longer needed. i’m just use chameleon boot loader to make Snow Leopard readable by dell 1525. On this guide also u can install on either MBR partition or GUID partition. No worried to lost any data on my previous MBR partition for example 1. Macintosh HD(System) 2. Data (i want keep this whole data). This method only worked on Retail 10A432 version. havent tried to other version. oke guys lets started.


1. USB Flash Drive (8GB above) or external drive  and Mac Computer or Hackintosh also considerable and your toy Dell 1525.

2. Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10A432) 10.6 Retail. u can buy from apple store or u can get here for PLAYING PURPOSE. a lot stuff there.

3. Download this Dell 1525 Snow Essential. Place to  your mac desktop. What inside?

Screen shot 2009-10-03 at 8.07.53 PM


U must did this step on Mac Computer or Hackintosh.

1. Restore installer to USB flash drive. If u dont know how to restore u can refer my previous post. carbon cloner also recommended to clone the installer, its free. Name it your USB flash drive as Snow.

2. Open Dell 1525 Snow Essential. Inject Chameleon 2 RC3 bootloader by installing to USB Drive Snow.

3. Copy All files under folder “Boot/Extra” to Folder Extra on USB Drive Snow.

To make installer recognized the MBR partition, we have to replace original OSinstall file with cracked version.

1. Open terminal type “sudo su” and insert password. copy following to terminal and press enter. It will show all hidden files on your mac.

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder

2. Replace “OSInstall” file on USB Snow. read instruction inside OSInstall folder.

3. Copy “boot” file inside Boot folder and replace to USB Drive Snow directory. “boot” file inside USB Snow is hidden. u cant just replace the files by drag and drop. the simple trick without using terminal is

  • Move to Trash “boot” file inside USB drive snow directory.
  • Drag “boot” file inside boot folder Dell 1525 Snow Essential to USB drive Snow directory

Thats it. Now your hacked version snow leopard is ready.

Installation on Dell 1525

1. Boot press F2. Disable all boot sequence. save and exit.

2. Boot press F12 and select USB Flash drive and press enter. Chameleon bootloader will come up. Select USB Snow type -v -x and enter. This -x(safe mode) flag is important. i had failed many times to load the installation screen only because without -x :).

3. Once your installation screen appear. do as usual. go disk utility to format partition to Mac OS Extended Journal and name it as u like. Close and Next

4. select your partition to install. this time if u are using MBR partition u are lucky no alert error will appear anymore.  click customize if u want to save space, otherwise just click install. it will takes around 15minutes. after finish installation

5. restart. press F12 and once again select USB partition and chameleon shown up. Select partition installed OSX. type -v -x. after booted up Setup your information data.

Post Install

Inject all post install files to your Dellintosh. I’m not going to write this step. for the instruction follow guide from macyourpc.

Happy Enjoying!!

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[…] Dell 1525 Snow Leopard (10A432) 10.6 Retail (Single USB Method) […]

In this step:
2. Copy and Replace OSInstall file to this folder on your Flash External drive.


There is no folder on the external by that name… mind telling me where to look for it?

Ok, figured out the “boot” file thing.. but now I’ve got another issue.

The install freezes/hangs when it gets to

Kernel version:
Darwin Kernel Version 10.0.0: Fri Jul 31 22:47:34 PDT 2009; root:xnu-1456.1.25-1/RELEASE_I386

System model name: MacBookPro3,1

System uptime in nanoseconds: 1225067017

It’s done this everytime, as this same spot. I’ve tried 11 times… what did I miss or what did you miss?

did u booted with -v -x?

did u followed step preparation
3. Copy All files under folder “Boot/Extra” to Folder Extra on USB Drive Snow.

or u missed this
3. Copy “boot” file inside Boot folder and replace to USB Drive Snow directory. “boot” file inside USB Snow is hidden. u cant just replace the files by drag and drop. the simple trick without using terminal is

* Move to Trash “boot” file inside USB drive snow directory.
* Drag “boot” file inside boot folder Dell 1525 Snow Essential to USB drive Snow directory

it should works.

yep. did all that.

just to clarify, the boot file is actually not in a folder, but hidden at the top of the install dvd correct? is that file I’m looking for or is it somewhere else?

waitiaminit… may have found the culprit… osinstall file wasn’t in the version/a folder. I copied it there but it’s now mysteriously gone… I’ll try again.

nope… that wasn’t it..

Tried again from scratch.. still doesn’t work for me. hangs at system uptime in nanoseconds.

Tried on a 2nd dell 1525 still didn’t work. You’re missing a step somewhere. Guess I’ll try the 132 method. Hope you figure it out what’s missing.. I’d rather install from usb.

yup. boot file must be replace at top of directory external drive.
i have checked the step everything suppose to be fine. i also wrote this step during the installation.

how u managed the installer? cloned with carbon cloner or disk utility.
try partition with MBR for external USB.

I used both.. neither worked

the boot file in the boot folder has a text file icon instead of the original terminal icon – does that matter?

Did not work for me, tried your method but kept getting KP’s. Instead i re-installed Chameleon to overwrite your boot file deleted Extra folder and used the extra folder from the Boot-132 disc with the Extensions folder from the dmg inside it.

Hope this helps someone else. The hacked OSInstall seems to work fine though as i installed on MBR.

I’ll give that a shot.


I got the same problem, KP’s. So does Seb’s method works?
Just wanna know if it’s works I wanna give it a try


Seb, what do you mean by: ‘with the Extensions folder from the dmg inside it.’

Worked for me using’s seb’s instructions once i figured out what he meant (I didnt look hard enough before).

Got a little further, allowed me to actually install this time! but now it won’t let me restart and do the -v -x on the Macintosh HD after installation… this guide fails, but I’m not giving up… gonna try the 132 disk

This guide is rather difficult to understand. Poor English. I wish there was already a DMG or ISO for this. Why should everybody have to prepare one?

hi mate, thanks for the guide, i was just wondering if you had any advice for installing IPC Leopard Final on the 1525 via an external HDD. I have restored the image to the drive and tried putting the bootloader on the drive but the dell just wont boot 😦

[…] 1525 Snow Leopard (10A432) 10.6 Retail (Single USB Method) Nice instructions.  Click here to read […]

Seb’s method worked for me…
Thank you

Please show me where you guys got the boot321 disc from.


I have installed ideneb 10.5.7 was running good but I installed windows over it by mistake and restore my bios to factory defaults now when I try to reinstall again the installation goes fine and after restart only apple logo no smoke, I have two HD installed one has windows 7.

processor Intel p 4
cache 1MB 0r 2 MB
memory 4 GB
chipset intel 945P
bioss chip (NVRAM) 4MB


hi there
I also need some help with the boot file and osinstall file. I don’t know what you mean with the folder System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Install.framework/Frameworks/OSInstall.framework/Versions/A/OSInstall
where is it? or do I have to create it on the usb drive? and how can I copy the boot file please?

This method didn’t worked for me, the installer started but os didn’t, I never got to set up my computer to post install stage.

Excellent tutorial. Easy to follow but not for the beginner.

Ok, Ive installed Snow Leoapard but when I boot it I have to plug in my USB which contains the Snow Leopard DMG and then click F12 to boot from the USB. From there I then need to click on Macintosh HD (My Snow Leopard Partition) but if I just click Enter, Kernal Panics occur, therefore I need to keep on using the boot flags ‘-v -x’ which is a real pain in the ***. Is there any way I can stop plugging in my USB and stop my inspiron 1525 from having Kernal Panics? Thanks Alex

install chameleon but select your install disk this time instead of the usb. not sure about your KPs

[…] глей аз пък кво си намерих (happy)…sb-method/ в Любими преди 51 секунди Начало контакти […]

I used Seb`s way but I don`t have lan 😦 Some ideas on that ?

Now I use

sudo ifconfig en0 ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX – за въвеждане на моя мак адрес
ifconfig en0 | grep ether – за да проверя дали успешно съм го сменил

every type I boot the system 🙂 This is fine for now 🙂

AWESOME Tutorial

I changed it a little bit for me because I got all the time a Kernal Panic at the beginning but after that it worked.

So what I changed:::

1. The first Kernal Panic happend because of the VoodooPS2.kext File. I don’t know why, but you can see it in the LogFiles that this File causes a Kernel Panic. So delete it from the Boot/Extra Folder so it doesn’t load. I would even delete it from the Post-Install/Extra Folder because mouse and keyboard works fine with Apple’s Standard driver.

2. I would delete the SleepEnabler. From the Boot/Extra, from the Post-Install/Extra and in the Local Extension I wouldn’t Install it with Kext Helper. I works thats not the problem, but it works even without that (if that means that the screen goes black if you put it into sleep mode, with for example expose or close that laptop. This doesn’t mean that putting the whole Laptop into Sleepmode works. If you put the whole Laptop into Sleep Mode it runs, but with a black Screen. I don’t have a problem with that because I’m never putting my Laptop into Sleep Mode..)

BUT!! if you leave the SleepEnabler.kext anywhere (Extra oder Extension Folder) you will get a Kernal Panic when you try to Install 10.6.3 Update. So leave it out and Install the Update and you should be safe. I heard you can Install it after it, but I don’t wanna try it after 10 hours installation hickhack. I don’t have any Problems with it.

So I haven’t tried LAN but except that everything works at this Inspirion 1525 with GMA X3100.

P.S. if somebody has problems to see the invisible files (I don’t know this Terminal Command haven’t worked for me) here are 2 files. One for making all files visible and one for invisible.

have FUN;;;;


Showing hidden files using the tutorial’s method didn’t work for me either. I got it to work eventually by not doing the sudo su part.

[…] Mac OS X SL. В този урок е описано как става номера.…sb-method/ в Любими преди 48 секунди Начало контакти […]

Nice tutorial, I was able to do the install. But, after the reboot I hit F12 and followed the instruction in booting up with USB and chameleon, I typed -v -x it gave me the System uptime in nanoseconds: 1760624995.

Can anyone help me fix this?

Mine gets stuck at the “nanoseconds” thing.

Figured out the “nanoseconds” problem. It SHOULD be a “kernel panic” thing. Try this: <— At the bottom of the post.

I'll be trying this soon and will report what I get.

Worked PERFECTLY! Typing this on my new “Mac” Inspiron 1525 right now! Just do as the link I posted earlier said and just wait. If you have any problems feel free to email me @

P.S. – The installation process is LONG just keep waiting, it may seem like its frozen at times, but just keep waiting.

Hi thanks, for the guide!,
I only got a couple of questions, the first is regarding the benefits of intalling a Mac OS, on a Pc, does it makes the computer more efficient, fast, or stable?
and the other question regards to the problems with installing the Snow Leopard, are there any side effects, like battery energy consumption quicker, or the posibility of burn your laptop, are there any side effects?

thank you, have a great day.

Hi: Just want to share my story and want to have some advices

I have followed the tutorial, installed snow leopard and updated step by step and manage to run 10.6.4, with all software updated.

KP was caused because of sleepEnabler, I have to remove it from both locations i.e., Extra/Extensions and System/Library/Extensions

Now having few problems
#1- touchpad is not working, I installed VoodooPS2Controller-0.98-installer.pkg and also used 64 bit enabled VoodooPS2Controller, i don’t know which of them has worked but somehow touchpad start working but without two finger scrolling, and I start getting this message repeatedly, voodooPS2Controler is installed improperly, and this ugly message comes 4 times, after every boot or every new kext installation. now after removing VoodooPS2, I have lost my touchpad again and the ugly messages as well

#2- My windows drives are only read only, while just a while ago (10.6.3) they were fully accessible with read write permissions via macfuse. Now even mac fuse is not working.

#3 Audio information is not displayed in System profile, also the Audio with VoodooHDA is working, but I have been searching and learn that with AppleHDA, we can get better Audio with system profile information. But I tried it and it give me KP, only save mode (-x flag) and windows and Macdrive saved me. Any Idea that how can I get remedy of VoodooHDA and use AppleHDA

#4 Kexthelper is not quitting normally, I have to force quit it every time

Else system is running perfectly, it is running FCP 7, and all CS5 64bit applications and many more

plz anyone can help me? i cant boot from the usb =/ , it stuck with a dash and dont continue, the chameleon dont load up, if anyone knows the solution plz email me at

thnks for the tutorial, it seems to be the best in all net,

the faster possible plz

plz anyone can help me?i tride to boot up using usb using this tutorial instalation bootup came it started intaling ,during instalation it rebooted and it stuck with a dash and dont continue
i left it for an hour or so still it did not continue up………

So i got this to work and downloaded the 10.6.1 update, but how do i get it to update to 10.6.2 and so on? No other guide has worked for me.

For everybody that are getting a KP during installation here is the Extra folder that worked for me:
just add this to your Mac Install usb and boot with -v -f -x

Hi. Any answer yet as to where to place the osinstall file? Bart mentions the problem above. It is supposed to go in System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Install.framework/Frameworks/OSInstall.framework/Versions/A/OSInstall, but when I go there on the install USB I can’t find a folder with this name. I get as far as Frameworks, and see something that says “A” but the path doesn’t look exactly like this. I am trying to create a dual boot XP/OSX on a Dell 10v. Thanks.

damn i just notice that the link that i posted took the “AVOID” that i put hahahha

that’s the link

please give me link ” Dell 1525 Snow Essential” , link hotfile die

I figured it out, I accidentally used my Leopard DVD instead of the Snow leopard one. Thanks!

Can I get the link Dell 1525 Snow Essential plz?

Hey, guide it’s great, but, can you upload the files from step 3 again
“3. Download this Dell 1525 Snow Essential. Place to your mac desktop. What inside?”

They’ve been removed, or maybe if you could send it to my email.

I would really appreciate your help!

Hi, I find this as a reliable post to build a successful hackintosh, I have tried other failed version, so just one thing missing here is “Dell 1525 Snow” , I request to someone please give me some link on that. I really really need this.

Thanks in advance.

As with the posters above, please email Dell 1525 Snow Essential zip…

Failing miserably at other methods…

please send Dell 1525 Snow Essential zip to me as well thanks in advance.

My email id is send the Dell 1525 Snow Essential zip to me as well thanks in advance.

Also needing the Dell 1525 Snow Essential zip. send to :

thank you.

Here is a link for the Snow Leopard Zip:

Absolutely composed articles, Really enjoyed examining.

got kernel panic and go stuck at uptime in nanoseconds

got the mac installation screen ..
getting error at file coping got stuck at 29 mins

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