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Sometimes when we trying to trash files its won’t empty here i got few method to solve this problem.

1. Using terminal

  • rm -rf ~/.Trash/*

2. The simple method with hold down Option key + right click Empty Trash

3. install Empty Trash utility and run.

  • Selective Empty Trash only empty selected drive
  • Locker This will help lock and unlock files and folders when empty trash ask permission.
  • BatChmod is a Cocoa utility for manipulating file and folder privileges in Mac OS X (10.5 recommended). It allows the manipulation of ownership as well as the privileges associated to the Owner, Group or others.

i have tried to convert my prison break from .avi to mp4 i got this problem. when start button pressed it said starting….. as usual to convert movie around 45 minutes it will takes 5 minutes, but i only got few seconds and it said done. This problem only occur on  my certain file. After checking the file it seems codec xvid problem. whole day i tried googling find the solution and many ways i found to solve this problem like using ffmpeg, handbrake, and the simplest solutions is

  1. Save .avi to mov using Quicktimes Pro. the size will be bigger, but does not affected my drive.
  2. Convert .mov to mp4 using VisualHub.

Hope this help for someone that tried very hard to find the solution.

A lot of people talk about how to speed up on mac. many ways i have seen on the net like clean cache, using onyx and so on. here i found an application maybe could help to make application run faster is Speed Freaks. this application is cool if compared to CPU Accelerator which need few bucks to buy. After few days run speed freak, i got feel this application can give more power to my Macbook Pro. concept of speed freak is simple. active application that u run it will give more processor than background application. for example if i’m using firefox right now. only firefox the program will accelerated meanwhile other application will be idle. it can render html faster but the download speed will not change. it does not affect graphic card performance but increasing for performance processor.

u can try yourself and post your feedback. u can download Speed Freaks free through