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miPatch is a patch mobile installation file will works on iphone or iPod Touch, after installed this patch u can install cracked IPAs directly through itunes. This patch absolutely essential in order to get any cracked application working.  This patch also create two documents folders so that anything your ipas save will be stored properly.

u can get install through cydia.

  1. go to cydia, add sources
  2. install miPatch
  3. reboot ur iphone and try add ipa through itunes and sync

hope this tips help.

application cannot be opened

yesterday. i tried to sync cracked ipa application to my iphone. this error occur “Application XXX cannot be opened”. after googling i found this solution. Try go to apple store through itunes and download free application like facebook and install it to your iphone. if u dont have account u can register for free but u must have a valid credit card to register. then try resync back your itunes to iphone. Now the application should works without error.