Hackintosh 10.5.7 Running on Dell Inspiron 1525

Posted on: May 27, 2009

Here alternative guide for installing Mac OS x on dell 1525. Check out my previous posted i had posted how to install ideneb to dell 1525. iPC distro is closely to the real Hackintosh compare to ideneb version. with  chameleon bootloader support (fake boot mac on pc) and no more sleep trick to get screen display working on gma x3100 Graphics. For the performance results i think iPC  fast  a bit on bouncing time to open Adobe application such as photoshop, illustrator, indesign. Haha… ok  lets we started.

Prepare these following item to get installation run smoothly.

  • Go get iPC 105.6 PFF 6 on torrent or whatever or simply can be found here. Burn iso with slower speed.
  • Download Driver Dell 1525 updated version here (Updated 27 May 2009) and save to flash usb drive.
  • Download Mac OS X Update 10.5.7 on apple site or download here. save to flash usb drive as well.
  1. As usual boot from DVD and press F8, type -v. lets messy text appear to see the code running.
  2. Open Disk Utility and format your drive to Macintosh Extended Jounal and name it for example Macintosh HD. Erase and next
  3. View option Customize and select only this package
  4. Install and Restart. Remove CD
  5. boot hard drive. your screen will blank after apple logo dissappear. dont panic take a breathe for 1 minute 🙂
  6. unplug your power cable. close lid screen. wait until hard drive idle (mean no fast blinking). then open back lid screen. your screen desktop will appear. dont waste your time. setup your information.
  7. Drag copy dell driver and 10.5.7 updates on your flash usb to desktop.
    • open sleep trick folder / dsdt.aml drag to Macintosh HD. this fix  display blank on gma x3100. no close lid if screen blank anymore.
    • Install chameleon for fake boot interface. Restart.
  8. Install 10.5.7 updates on your desktop. open disk utility and repair permission. Restart.
  9. Install other kext and package inside dell driver pack.
    • install Wifi broadcom package
    • install Power Management
    • Audio. Drag 1525_Codec to AppleHDAPatcher_v1.16
    • Install samba. if you want to sharing with windows file.
    • Install SD Card Reader using kext helper.
    • Open disk utility. Repair disk permission. Restart.
  10. Ok thats it. i will update video installation soon. Happy enjoying your hackintosh.

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63 Responses to "Hackintosh 10.5.7 Running on Dell Inspiron 1525"

Hey man thanks for you blog i have a Dell 1525 running Leopard 10.5.6 (How to install 10.5.6 on Dell 1525 – iDeneb v1.4). If i want to upgrade to 10.5.7 whit this configuration can i use this actul post (Hackintosh 10.5.7 Running on Dell Inspiron 1525)? or i need format my Dell and install iPC?


PS: Sorry for mi english im from Culiacán, Mexico.

is this illegal if it is can apple track you down and can you get in treble by using this? or in other words is it safe to use it?

absolutely using mac os on pc is illegal. same as u are using pirate software. u must use apple hardware to run osx. apple can track down if u are using their software. try do not connect your pc to internet if u are not comfortable apple tracking u..:) but who cares. we are just hacking for education purpose. just my opinion.

if u want fresh installation perhaps u should try ipc version. if u want straightly update 10.5.7 from ideneb 10.5.6. u could try download the latest version driver pack, macosxupdate 10.5.7 and follow step 7 till last . goodluck. i havent tried update on ideneb. maybe it should work.

Thank for the post, I’ve made this instalation a while ago and still can’t get my headphones plug ON even though I have my sound on main speakers :/
Anyway I like this OS an I’m thinking of buying MacBook I just wanted to test it before just like Freeware soft 🙂

Hey everybody! Antyalias, you are big! i did upgrade my iDeneb v1.4 following the steps 7 to 10 and i have mi hakintosh running Mac OSX 10.5.7 perfectly!! PS: Now my dell detect two more ports: Firewire and a Air Port O_O


i havent found solution for headphone jack yet. maybe someone can share the solution. buying macbook is the best effort.


is that dell 1525? which spec? why my dell no firewire port. thats weird. anyway happy enjoying 10.5.7.

My Dell its a 1525 Intel Dual Core 2.16 2Gb RAM 160HDD, have 4 USB 2.0, Ethernet, Dial Up, HDMI and Firewire at 400Mb and remote control (can manage all aplications like a MacBook Pro). PS: My Dell have two Headphone ins and one microphone out, all runs perfect on 10.5.7!!

Thanks man! I’ll try this tutorial and after coment the results!

Sorry about english, i’m brazilian

I give up!!! I dont pass of the black screen! I’ve try the last post, iDeneb, and now this tutorial, and don’t work man…! My Inspiron 1525 configuration:

Intel Core2Duo T7250 (2.0GHz)
2,5 Gb of memory ram
120 Gd hard disk SATA

Whyyy not work?! =/

Gui Amaral.

Have u tried step number 6?
u have to be patient.wait until your indicator hard drive idle the open back lid.
it works.

Yes, i try! I close lid screen, it go to sleep mode! When open…nothing change, remains black screen…

Gui Amaral:

Try whit 20 min, then open your lid screen and move your mouse and push the power button for 1 second. Is how it worked my. Then install all kext/drivers and your hackintosh 1525 will be ready!

Ok! When i have time to do this one more time i’ll try it and reply before. Thanks!

hi there
i am considering buying a dell 1525. does it matter what processor and videocard i choose?

bart brichau

i doesnt matter what processor u choose. just intel will work. video card must x3100 or gma 950.

I was wondering if my dell ispiron 1545 will work? Somebody please help me.

I have:

3GB of Ram
160GB Harddrive
Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T3400 @ 2.16GHZ
Windows vista
2009 Model
PLease help me



very interesting post thx. couple questions. presently have x86 vista ultimate sp2 installed and want to keep this so can dual boot how does one do this?
Bear in mind these inspirons have the bootable media direct partition that starts from the home key when powered down.

I could use this partition and expand its size?

Will the Blue ray burner be recognised and usable its a matshita BD-RE UJ-220. Other spec. here:

The cpu is an intel dual core T-8300 2.4ghz
500gb sata hdd
4gb RAM
Display:mobile intel 965 express chipset
wifi:intel 4965 AGN
LAN:Marvel Yukon 88E8040 PCI-E fast ethernet controller
Sound/video: Sigmatel HD audio codec/HDMI/Broadcom BCM70010/BCM70012 video
Firewire:Ricoh OHCI

Some more info on this dual boot would be great, i understand installing Easy BCD maybe need but more advice here would be good and where to get all drivers if more are needed.

I try to install again! Frustration…dont work with my 1525…It sleep and dont appear the configuration when i open the lid screen! Thanks to all that help me!

Thanks for the tutorial. I moved the dsdt.aml file to Mac OS HD, but the screen is still black after the apple logo comes up. I have to unplug and close my lid every time. Any solution to this?

anywthing works well on my iDeneb exept ethernet card and CD/DVD. I cannot use them, I don’t see them in the system even thought I was useing this DVD drive for installation and now my drive is not working at all. Any ideas ?

I have the solution for ethernet !!!

use that kext. only need to register for download though.
I have 1 problem left, I can only choose between 1 screenresolution. With installing iDeneb i chose all fixes. instead of GMA3100X only. the first two times i did this, my screen turned off after installing (computer was still on.)
But now my screen work, but only in 1280×780 and i need 1200×800. I don’t have a choice to change screenresolution.

Maybe someone can help me, would be very nice !
And wifi doesnt work for me either btw. I dont know whats wrong, when i turn it on nothing happens, when i go to network settings no Air Port.

Greetings Yeming (The Netherlands)

Hi, someone have problems whith Broadcom? when i try to install it says that exist a new version of this package in my disk… and dont have to install wi-fi! How i unistall this “new version” of broadcom to activate mi wi-fi?? Thanks

i can sleep and wake up, now i use soft wake up auto but mac cant wake up auto. who know why

To Wadziu: i need install driver SATA DVD, I have driver , but i cant upload, if u need u pm for me :

Ok, I’m lost. My computer says the iPC isn’t a boot image, and I have no clue how to change that. I’m really lost. How did everyone get it boot at startup?

I’ve been running 10.5.4 for the longest time. Safari 4 made me upgrade to 10.5.7 Thanks for the straight forward tutorial!

Everything works perfectly! I used the iPC 10.5.6 install disk then installed the kext files in the Dell 1525 Update file you made available for download. I’ve got the SD card working, the lid, WiFi, Sound, CD/DVD, Battery Meter and BlueTooth. Thanks!!!

I hope you come up with a 10.6 tutorial that is just as easy!

I don’t know why all you other guys can’t get it to work right. All I can say is make sure that you use iPC 10.5.6 install disc and when you burn it to DVD, burn it using the slowest speed possible so there are no errors at all. When you finally use this tutorial, read the whole thing once, write everything down yourself, go through it in your head so you really know what you are doing, get all the files ready then install! It is so easy!!! If you follow all the steps, you can’t go wrong.

Does anyone know how to get a UK model Inspiron 1525 (no webcam, larger screen) running at it’s native resolution of 1680×1050?

Never mind, my bad. My screen was 1280×800 all along (doh!)

dudes, my inspiron won’t wake after hibernate too.
1)setup conpmletes ok
3)loading via f8 and then -v -f
4) a pice of blue desktop
5) screen goes black
6)waiting for disk activity stops – the led is off
7)unplug the power cable
8)close the lid
9)wait for hibernate – power led slowly pulsate
10) opening the lid
11) the boot begins with media buttons check – from the begin
12) it wont fckn work!

t7250 -2 Ghz, Intel GM 965,WXGA, 160 Gb, 2Gb Ram

I installed the iDeben or whatever its called not seeing this tutorial. I decided to see if I could just plain up-date to 10.5.7 and install the drivers all over again. It worked too! And I like the chameleon alot more than whatever it was using in ideben. Great tutorials! Thank you very much! My friend now owes me 500 dollars because he thought it was impossible!

I was wordering if someone could tell me if my 1525 will work.

CPU: T6400 Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz
Wireless: Intel Pro wireless 3945
Sound: SigmaTel 9205
Graphics: GMA 965
Ethernet: Marvell 88E80XX
Ram 4.0gb 667 Mhz Ram

Jonathan. your spec should work.

can anybody please send me torrent file of ipc 10.5.6 ppf6 integerated dvd image

^^^that site contains rapidshare link, were that image is splitted into pieces …already hav such link ….if u hav torrent link, pls post it soon
….btw, thanks for ur quick response mate!

i hav a some querries …

…rightnow if hav 4 partitions, n using a single OS i.e. windows 7 rc …i dont want to make dual boot for mac n windows, i only want to install mac on the partition on which win 7 is loaded …if i run mac osx setup, will my other partition also formated as well?

…also if i want to revert back to windows in future …will it let me to install windows?

..pls reply


Thank you very much, great tutorial! My instalation is working like a charm.
I Just have an doubt… Since chameleon is running now, it will be possible to use future OS updates or should i take care about it?!


When I boot into my hackintosh burned disk the installer comes up. That’s good. But when i select all the drivers, applications, and stuff I need for the inspiron 1525 and I start the install it says right away installed failed because the disks are inconsistent. I checked the disks for scratches and i couldn’t see any. Could this have anything to do with the burn speed. And if it does, can someone recommend software to burn the iso with so i can do it at a lower speed? (freeisoburner doesn’t have an option for lower burn speed.)

Thanks for whoever takes the time to respond.

Magic iso is a great software to use.

This has worked complete on my inspiron 1525.
I posted it up on you tube for all to see. I’m running
10.5.8 check out rcdace11 at you tube. See my acer and my Dell.

How can I dual-boot this with Windows 7 64bit? NOOB here. help plz. thanks.

Can anyone tell me how to get my sound card installed. I have a dell inspiron 1525 running mac os x 10.5.7 everything is working except my sound card. Any Help is appreciated. Thanks!

Good stuff, my friend !
I have a dell inspiron 1525 running mac os x 10.5.7 thanks to you, i wanna know if i can update to 10.6… without damaging my system.

Hi !

I have dell inspiron 1525 with these specifications

CPU: T6400 Core 2 Duo 2.16Ghz
Wireless: Intel Pro wireless 3945
Sound: SigmaTel 9205
Graphics: GMA 965
Ethernet: Marvell 88E80XX
Ram 3.0gb 667 Mhz Ram

My Ethernet is not working any one can help

Thanks you in advance.

Junaid Raza:
It is real that u did not read all this page? At response 23 you see resolved ethernet.
23 | Yeming
June 8, 2009 at 7:26 pm
I have the solution for ethernet !!!
Anyway, i heard that the touchpad can be emulated like on apple. any solution?

Thanks for the help the ethernet is now working but any help about sound card.

Junaid Raza:
In driver pack from this post you have “1525_Codec” and “AppleHDAPatcher_v1.16”. Drag with mouse 152_Codec to AppleHDAPatcher_v1.16 and wait that to finish 🙂 it’s so easy. My dell 1525 works quite normal with ideneb 1.5 10.5.6 and i made update to 10.5.7 with success.

Good look

“Drag with mouse 152_Codec to AppleHDAPatcher_v1.16” – sorry for error, it’s 1525_Codec 🙂

does anyone have any advice on booting this from an external hdd instead of a DVD? i dont have the means to create an install DVD at the moment, thanks 🙂

SoRRy, Driver for intel pro wireless 3945?

Dell inspiron 1525 plis.

Thanks for the guide! This works 100% if you follow all the steps. The only thing I ran into was the power management drivers, they caused my screen to flicker non-stop. So I just removed it and everything is good to go. Also, I’m running a Dell Studio 1535 with the following specs:

Intel Code 2 Duo T3200
Intel GM965 Express
Broadcom Wifi
Realtek Ethernet

Everything works: Webcam (without drivers), volume controls on the quick bar, audio, video card, sleep trick, etc.

Hope this helps someone else!


I have installed ideneb 10.5.7 was running good but I installed windows over it by mistake and restore my bios to factory defaults now when I try to reinstall again the installation goes fine and after restart only apple logo no smoke, I have two HD installed one has windows 7.

processor Intel p 4
cache 1MB 0r 2 MB
memory 4 GB
chipset intel 945P
bioss chip (NVRAM) 4MB


[…] Hackintosh 10.5.7 Running on Dell Inspiron 1525 « antyalias (tags: tutorial mac osx osx86 hackintosh links dell 1525) […]

It’s running also great on mine.Thanks for share.


im also new in apply-inspiron1525 but I solve all the problems encountered throughout the installation and I come up to a good inspiron 1525 mac osx 10.5.7 os

if you experience a black screen in booting please i advice to put a login password and its okay..

i hope it will help..

do not upgrade it up to newer versionn.. just stay 10.5.7./// remember wer just using a non licensed mac osx software so it means that were not allowed to upgrade it to higher version… also upgrading to higher version will need a higher specs of ur system…

hope it will help…

I cannot manage to make this tutorial fit with recent installation procedure for 10.5.8 lite edition on Dell 1525 Inspiron.
Please help, thks

hey guys i did the ideneb 1.4 install and that went fine but i want to upgrade to the 10.5.7 but when i go to the site provided it says that the iso has been removed and it does not exist and everywhere i go i cannot find ppf6 only ppf5. plz plz help me!

how to install mac os x 10.6.3 on inspiron 1525,,,

Aries as you told i did everything but still i can’t hear any sound can you tell me how to fix it…..Plzzzz…. tell me as soon as possible….

driver link not working.. please help…
send me on

here you can find and download latest stuff about mac , mac osx 10.10 iso download

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