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Here alternative guide for installing Mac OS x on dell 1525. Check out my previous posted i had posted how to install ideneb to dell 1525. iPC distro is closely to the real Hackintosh compare to ideneb version. with  chameleon bootloader support (fake boot mac on pc) and no more sleep trick to get screen display working on gma x3100 Graphics. For the performance results i think iPC  fast  a bit on bouncing time to open Adobe application such as photoshop, illustrator, indesign. Haha… ok  lets we started.

Prepare these following item to get installation run smoothly.

  • Go get iPC 105.6 PFF 6 on torrent or whatever or simply can be found here. Burn iso with slower speed.
  • Download Driver Dell 1525 updated version here (Updated 27 May 2009) and save to flash usb drive.
  • Download Mac OS X Update 10.5.7 on apple site or download here. save to flash usb drive as well.
  1. As usual boot from DVD and press F8, type -v. lets messy text appear to see the code running.
  2. Open Disk Utility and format your drive to Macintosh Extended Jounal and name it for example Macintosh HD. Erase and next
  3. View option Customize and select only this package
  4. Install and Restart. Remove CD
  5. boot hard drive. your screen will blank after apple logo dissappear. dont panic take a breathe for 1 minute 🙂
  6. unplug your power cable. close lid screen. wait until hard drive idle (mean no fast blinking). then open back lid screen. your screen desktop will appear. dont waste your time. setup your information.
  7. Drag copy dell driver and 10.5.7 updates on your flash usb to desktop.
    • open sleep trick folder / dsdt.aml drag to Macintosh HD. this fix  display blank on gma x3100. no close lid if screen blank anymore.
    • Install chameleon for fake boot interface. Restart.
  8. Install 10.5.7 updates on your desktop. open disk utility and repair permission. Restart.
  9. Install other kext and package inside dell driver pack.
    • install Wifi broadcom package
    • install Power Management
    • Audio. Drag 1525_Codec to AppleHDAPatcher_v1.16
    • Install samba. if you want to sharing with windows file.
    • Install SD Card Reader using kext helper.
    • Open disk utility. Repair disk permission. Restart.
  10. Ok thats it. i will update video installation soon. Happy enjoying your hackintosh.

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