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If u ever had welcome screen loops after succes installation hackintosh. U should try this.

Boot with “-s” no quotes

type “/sbin/fsck -fy” and then press enter
type “/sbin/mount -uw /” and then press enter
type “passwd root ##” and press enter
you will know be prompted to put in your password twice. Do so and press enter.
type “touch /var/db/.AppleSetupDone and press enter
type “exit” and press enter. you will now be booted into Leopard.

Remember!! no quotes.

On this tutorial i will guide u how to install 10.5.6 iDeneb on dell 1525 based on my experience. this guide i wrote for reference to dell 1525 hackintosh fan included me too :). here following test worked on my dell 1525.

  1. Wifi. works as aiport
  2. Card reader. No need to run windows anymore to get works
  3. Graphic GMA 3100. works without install any kext. Built in on iDeneb
  4. Battery Life. Need to patch but works like charm.
  5. Samba windows sharing. works perfectly.
  6. Webcam works on iChat. never tested on other application.
  7. Sleep trick works no need to move cursor to the corner.

Before we started Please read changelog here.

1. Go boot CD/DVD to installer. and press F8 to view option. type -v and press return. wait till  installer menu appear.

2. Got to Disk Utility and make partition for macos extended journal. On my dell, i only make 2 partion 1st for macos extended journal named as Macintosh and 2nd for window partition fat32 named as u wish. after complete. close and next. Select Partition mac os  and next.

3. You will see button customize. and click there. the list of package will shown up. be carefull to select. if ur setting goes wrong. u will never get it works. for my setting i only checked

  • ICHx Fixed
  • Network wifi Broadcom 43xx
  • FireWire Remove
  • IOUSBFamilyFix (i think this fix not working for me)
  • kexthelper if something need patch after install

and the rest leave that unchecked. we will install later.

4. then install. u can go to  make some coffee and wait till complete. if u follow my setting around 10-15 minutes the installation will be complete.

5. restart ur pc and remove cd installer. press F8 and type -v and press return to see if anything goes wrong.

6. u will see blue screen few second and screen goes blank. dont panic. unplug your plug cable and close your lid screen. wait around 15 minutes. u have to be patient this time. i got experience 15 times format because of this blank screen. keep drink ur coffee u made just now.

7. open lid screen back u will see setup screen. if not, repeat step 5. above. fill ur information and Tada!!! u will see desktop screen. lets see now ur wifi works as airport.

8.  go to system preferences and go to expose select active corner to the sleep display. (standby this trick if ur screen goes black again).

Now its time to install other kext to get all thing works.

  1. go download Dell 1525 Driver Here or mirror Here. Thanks to all develepor. i’m just recompile to make easier for dell 1525 user.
  2. go to folder usb. install that dmg files. this fix error if u try mount usb or cd hang.
  3. go to folder sleep display. copy SleepDisplay application and place to “/Users/yourcomputername/ “. Then go to your system preferences. account. login items and add application SleepDisplay that u place just now and tick hide. this fix sleep display without to move cursor to the corner.
    UPDATED 9/3/2009
    Downlod Screen_Sleeper_Solution_Installer.pkg. Install it and reboot. u have to disable auto login on system preferences to get it works. Thanks to Skribbler
  4. go to folder samba. and install that package. this will fix for windows sharing files.
  5. go to folder Card Reader and open kexthelper drag IOSDHCIBlockDevice.kext to the kexthelper and run. this will fix for card reader.
  6. go to folder ApplePS2Trackpad and drag to kexthelper and run. this fix for Trackpad.
  7. go to folder audio. drag 1525_Codec to AppleHDAPatcher_v1.16. wait and restart. now ur audio should working.
  8. go to folder Power Management. install Power Management 10.5.6 Fix. this fix for battery meter.
  9. go to folder Time Machine Fix. read the instruction. i never tested yet. maybe should fix for time machine.

Here screen shot my desktop. any comment are welcome.

Screenshot Macintosh

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