Solution error – Application cannot be opened iPhone

Posted on: February 16, 2009

application cannot be opened

yesterday. i tried to sync cracked ipa application to my iphone. this error occur “Application XXX cannot be opened”. after googling i found this solution. Try go to apple store through itunes and download free application like facebook and install it to your iphone. if u dont have account u can register for free but u must have a valid credit card to register. then try resync back your itunes to iphone. Now the application should works without error.

3 Responses to "Solution error – Application cannot be opened iPhone"

it really works

working 100%
thnas a lot

This keeps happening to me on the app N.O.V.A. and AVATAR, and I tried to download a free app and the error still comes up. I tried reinstalling them a bunch of times and still doesn’t work! =(

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